If you just want my CV, it is here. If you want to know more about me:

GRUPOSCAHelpDesk Level 1: I was working 4 months in 2008 at Grupo SCA  with the first line helpdesk team. Sending and receiving calls to and from the Pfizer salespeople. They had Windows laptops and PDA’s to work with and we offer support when they have problems. I got experience with an internal support platform and also popular software such as Salesforce or Lotus Notes.
Typical Windows problems, virus problems, or device problems were fixed everyday. I also participate in the computers rollback cloning with Norton Ghost. It was just a temporal work and I had to leave it to continue with my studies.
I hope they still are using my script to delete the antivirus false positives deleting quarantine folder, we had a lot of calls in relation to those false positives.




Junior System Administrator

Junior System Administrator: I was working from October to January at CatN / Fubra. Thanks to them I got my OpenStack Certification. It was like a dream. I was in charge of deploy a VirtualDesktop solution to make easy the teleworking. Thanks to that, I learnt about other cloud platforms (oVirt) and I played with raspberry pi. I did a little bit of servers upgrading and then I was in charge of a storage node based on NAS4Free. Thanks to that I learn about ZFS, high availability (HAST + CARP), golden images, bugs fixed (or not) and so on. Then I was playing with ansible and vCluster, thanks to that I improved my virtualization and configuration management skills. Working there confirm me system administration is what I want work as, and they also agree that is my role.

I show you 3 videos about Virtual Desktop work that I did.


Here you can see a Raspberry Pi with RPi-TC distribution that connecto to a virtualized Windows machine.

The next couple is my laptop connecting to a Fedora KDE and Windows machine.


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by: Pablo Hinojosa