HackWimbledon MeetUp: Hack Wimbledon 2.0 – Pi-connections and more

The 15th of March I went to Wimbledon Library to attend to a workshop given by HackWimbledon meetup group. It was not crowded but the few people that attend were quite experienced with Arduino and Raspberry Pi. I did not go enough prepared (only my laptop, not a Raspberry Pi or Arduino), so I did not learn to much, but at least I saw a couple of interesting projects: an arduino controlling an engine and a demo of Python&Minecraft&Raspberry Pi.

It is a shame I can attend again because I come back to Spain but it was an interesting group where I could learn more about Raspberry Pi (I already have one), but if you live close to London and you want to learn about Raspberry Pi and/or Arduino, this is definitely your group.

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